Sunday, August 1, 2010

Heidelberg - Schloss Castle
thursday 29th july

today saw us investigating Heidelberg, getting around on their buses is lots of fun! its definantly a challenge when you are trying to read a timetable in german! We visited a castle which is almost right in the middle of the city! pretty amazing, and only 303 steps to get to the top of the area you need to get to. and of course, it decided to pour! I got as wet as i could possibly get, for yet another time these holidays! after we had seen the castle and were making our way down and out, realized that there were 2 alternate ways to get there,, which did not involve 303 steps!! Had time to look around the shops and do some shopping, Heidelberg is also a pretty city, seems they all look like the postcard photos we have seen. I am going to post some photos this time - at least have a go at it!

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  1. sounds great even if a little wet! hehehehe....i bet the castle was so beautiful though...can't wait to see some pics...