Thursday, July 29, 2010


Wednesday 28th July

We had a later start today, as we were late in last night, so it was an easy start to the day. A 3 hour drive to Luxembourg saw us arriving round the mid, so of course meant we had to have our lunch before we headed off for a couple of hours sightseeing in the city. Of course, it was raining nearly all the way there, and was still lightly showering when we headed off on our adventures. Found the city to be amazing, just like all those postcards that you see of tiny cobbled streets with amazing little shops and restaurants everywere. The streets were so clean! The buildings are of course, very old and predominantly sandstone and some of them were undergoing major restoration/renovation. We managed to do a bit of looking around the town at some of the highlights and also got out to the (?) tunnelled in 1700's and then later extended to a total of 23km in length, of course only a small portion opened up for the public. Apparently were used in time of war as there are all these amazing little cave like openings in the sides of the mountains which is were the cannons used to fire from during times of war to protect the city. Very interesting.
We had a quick diversion on hour way home, we visited an American War Cemetery which was 4k's outside of city and it was a touch overwhelming and quite humbling to see row upon row of white marble crosses and stars (star of david) stretching across the best manicured lawns I have ever seen. Stuff like this puts life into perspective!

My comment on Luxembourg, very photogenic and think I could of spent more time there! Particularly the cup of coffee I had, which was more like a soup bowl!

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  1. wow it sounds glad you are having such a great time!